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Partners in Protection (PIP)

There are two categories in the PIP program: member and associate.

A member can take advantage of the program benefits in addition to receiving PIP program information and updates and participating in program consultations. 

An associate receives PIP program information and updates and is consulted on program changes.

Eligibility criteria


To be eligible for the PIP program, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The applicant must fall within one of the authorized eligible business categories:
    • importer
    • exporter
    • air carrier
    • rail carrier
    • marine carrier
    • highway carrier
    • customs broker
    • courier
    • warehouse operator (including marine terminal operator)
    • freight forwarder
    • shipping agent
  2. The applicant must own or operate facilities in Canada that are directly involved in the importation or exportation of commercial goods.


The applicant must be a U.S. highway carrier company that is a member of or is applying to the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program into Canada. U.S.-based companies are not eligible to apply to the modernized PIP program if they do not meet the above criteria. Please note: Application to and approval in the PIP program remains mandatory for U.S.-based highway carrier companies wishing to become members of the FAST program into Canada.

  • 3. The applicant and its directors must be of good character and have a good record of compliance with the CBSA.


Please note that companies that are not eligible for PIP membership but are linked to trade in commercial goods can become a PIP associate. Associates receive program information and updates, and are consulted on program changes. Potential associates can include those from the following categories:

  • associations
  • companies
  • groups
  • port authorities
  • lawyers
  • consultants
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Application process


  1. Security Profile
  2. CBSA security review and assessment
  3. Memorandum of understanding

Security Profile

The Security Profile is used to apply for membership to the Partners in Protection (PIP) program. Please review the Tips and Glossary for Completing the Partners in Protection Security Profile for more information.

Companies that wish to join the Partners in Protection program must first e-mail to request a working copy of the Security Profile. Applicants must then complete the Profile and return it by e-mail to the same address.

A separate Security Profile is required for every subsidiary and/or affiliate with a different business number.

The completed Security Profile must clearly demonstrate that the applicant meets all the minimum security requirements. An application may be rejected for any omission or submission of false information.

The Tips and Glossary are provided to help applicants complete their Security Profile.

CBSA security review and assessment

A CBSA officer will review the submitted Security Profile to ensure that all sections have been completed; to identify areas of concern; to determine if, based on information provided, the applicant meets the minimum security requirements; and to perform a risk assessment of the company.

Once the Security Profile has been reviewed, a regional CBSA intelligence officer will follow up with the applicant by scheduling a site validation. Visiting the site will confirm the information provided in the Security Profile. The intelligence officer will prepare an assessment report of his or her findings.

If a PIP applicant has been validated by the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism within the last two years, a site validation by PIP may not be required. However, each program reserves the right to perform its own site validations.

PIP membership renewal: an updated Security Profile and site validation will be required every three years.

Memorandum of understanding

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) is available for information purposes only.  Please do not complete or submit this document. It will be issued for signature as part of the application process.

Memorandum of understanding

The MOU is a goodwill document that is signed by a company representative and the CBSA. It ensures that the CBSA and the member company are aware of their roles and responsibilities as partners, and that members can be removed or suspended from the PIP program.

The MOU is signed by the applicant and the CBSA after the applicant has passed the assessment and been approved for PIP membership.

The roles and responsibilities of the member set out in the MOU are voluntary. The legal obligations of the member under any act of Parliament remain in effect.


If you wish to apply for Associate status in the PIP program, please contact us at: to receive an application form.

Please note that associates are responsible for keeping their contact information, including their e-mail address, up to date. If mail and/or e-mails to a PIP associate are returned, the associate will be removed from the distribution list. Names of PIP associates will not be posted on the CBSA Web site.

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